Eat fat, look great and feel healthy?

It's not what you think. 

Lets get into a little history lesson first. Tim Noakes' eating plan was first prescribed in 1861 by Harley street surgeon Mr William Harvey with great success to a corpulent London undertaker, Mr William Banting, well ... that is how the diet gets its name. 
The ten golden rules of Banting: 

1. Remember: this is not a high protein diet. It's a high fat, medium protein, low carb way of eating
2. Choose real foods that look like what they are, and cook them from scratch

3. Fat is not the enemy. Enjoy it!

4. Eat only when you are hungry; eat until you are satisfied - then stop

5. Don't eat when you're not hungry. You won't die if you occasionally skip a meal you don't feel like eating.

6. Stop snacking. You won't need to - it's just a habit.

7. No sugar. It's an addiction, and it's probably best to go cold turkey. But if you need to make it a transition, substitute with Stevia, Zylitol or Erythritol - NOT artificial sweeteners

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